Kuvasz says "Deer Me!"

Robert Denlinger - Jan 2, 2000
" Hi out there. Don't know what part of the globe you're on, but, here in Kentucky, there was a Y2K Glitch in the weather program. We skipped Winter and it's 65 degrees here! So look, I'm not complaining. I just had to dig a summer "Tee" shirt out, that's all.

After I did that, I herd the "Alert Gong", alias the BC's, go off. I bounced out to the front observation platform, sporting my summer shirt, and looked to their noses to see which way to look. Callisto, freshly "turned in" for the day was looking East, as were the BC's. So, what's a guy to do? I looked East, what the heck. What ho!! A lone Deer down there in the Alfalfa Field! "So that's News", I shouted to the cheerleaders.

"Uh - oh" -- there's a PM climbing over the "Can You Spell Kuvasz" signs and into the Alfalfa field. This required my immediate attention. Let's see, I'd need "Back-Up". "Bear -- oh Little-Bear", as I call him. Bear can tell when we're going to have fun. He ran to the garden gate where I usually pick him up for a chase. Off we ran. Well, I tried to run. Bear could hear Capella's warning and knew where to sprint to.

"Whoa -- and there's Capella at her best sprint, bounding over the trench; the tree stumps ---going --- going ---going ----" I'd better hurry. Jeeze, I AM hurrying ... The Trench and still moving. Bear's waiting. Capella has entered the Alfalfa field now. She makes a dash to the itinerant Deer. From my distance, I could see her make two very hasty close in circles then fly for the intruder-humanoid.

Ole Passing-Motorist (PM) suddenly got religion!!! Capella was a hundred yards and closing like an asteroid being sucked in by the Event Horizon of a Black-Hole. The PM made the top strand of the old barbed wire fence. He either liked to hop up and down OR he tore his pants and got caught because he remained astraddle for far too many seconds. I tried to hold my breath -- but realistically, I was trotting and just couldn't. Capella got to about 10 yards and the PM made the truck. Door Slammed and the PM's driver gunned the motor. They waved as they left. Capella, highly successful in ejecting the PM, trotted o the Deer. By then I was there too.

What's wrong with this picture folks? Me 'n my BWD near a wild Doe?? The poor thing had been terribly injured by some vehicle, obviously in the past half hour as this field had been clear on my last check of it. Capella licked the wounds. She licked the face of the frightened Deer. I like these little creatures. So I stroked her face and forehead like I do the horses. The Doe seemed to realize she was in no danger and rested her head on my knee. Capella continued to administer first-aide, then laid down to protect her. So, being diligent about "Photo-Opportunities", I took one. If you're interested, it's on Training-Page-5 of that certain Web Site I maintain to prove I'm not (always) full of hot air. That's all from this station. See ya'all later, I'm looking for some sunglasses and maybe Mint Juleps

Pella and injured Deer