Mishka Visits Sweet Pea

Robert Denlinger - 11/25/98

Hello again. First of all, I envision needing a cast for my "Leading" arm and wrist. No matter who's method I try, when I lead either of the Daemon Sister Kuvasz out, they create severe whiplash in their exuberance to get back into the net with the sheep. Suffice it to say, I have pulled back, snapped back, run with, coddled, cajoled and otherwise begged them to "Heel". This goes on twice a day, minimum of a half mile one way. Ouch! I thought they would recognize the "No-pressure-on the Neck-Zone" but so much for thinking.

Next item, having heard no objections from Cissy regarding my printing "MY" rendition of her visit to Shaanav's pasture, I will placate Beverly and submit it for your, uh, ..... enlightenment?

Note that heretofore, I had never seen a CO. "Cuddly Outlaw"? I mused. Well, 'Mishka', of the breed that goes something like Chalky Oberkernmantle - or Caucasian Ovcharka, .. anyway Mishka was superb! My wife and I both went gaa-gaa and played with Mishka, pet her, cuddled her, and ran our fingers through the most luxurious coat that we had ever seen. Mishka's face markings, the black stripes, are fantastic. Her head size alone, qualified her for the NFL teams. She's HUGE. Yet her manners would allow her at the Queen's table. A most memorable encounter. She even stood very patiently whilst the Bear, Callisto and Capella, all tried to see "What she was about".

The morning before Cissy left here, I was taking Capella out to the Sheep. Callisto and the Bear were tagging along, playing. As Cissy had been instructing us in the good obedience that Mishka had, no, make that superb, no make that infinite obedience that Mishka always displays ......She let Mishka off the lead, to frolic with her two BWD country cousins that are also well behaved ((heh,heh,heh)).

Callisto, being the docile, stick-to-the-farm Kuvasz she is along with the Bear, who is equally docile and stoic in nature, decided to run a little. She was chased by Bear. Mishka decided to see what the two docile, well mannered BWD's were doing. Callisto, yelling back "Gotcha" to everyone, led Mishka to the favorite "Bark At" spot, namely "Beaver Tree".

Well, that's a half mile away, and the three made a good warp-factor 8 all the way. Cissy was departing from the rigors of softly spoken commands rather soon. Make that screaming "Here Mishka". Fell on deaf ears.

Then they were out of sight, as I remarked to Cissy that this is the real world and I wouldn't bother because they will come back when and if they bloody well choose. There was some single ended discussion about training them to not do that. But I was already out of the field and on about my horse chores and training. Something followed about how you can train them to do "this or that", can't remember ..seems I said "Been there, Done that. They'll be back". A lot of consternation seemed to emanate from the owner of that silky smooth coated CLEAN CO, namely Mishka.

Oh, soon enough, the three brown, muddy, burr infested mutts called "Trainable LGD's" did, in fact, return to me in the horse barn. My oh my.

Then, the day that Cissy was to depart, I led Cissy and Mishka out in to the pastures. We stopped at the nets where Capella and Callisto both were glaring at the new threat from inside the nets. They would not take their eyes off Mishka. But Mishka is a real trooper. She did all the passive, "I'm friendly" maneuvers and all was well.

Then we strolled over to the area that the Kuvs respect as a "No walk Zone", or in other words, "Go through here at mach-7". Where, you say? The "Mustangs-in-Private Pasture" area. Soon enough, a new training horse, Sweet Pea, AKA Daemon Filly, snuck up. "Hummmm, curious new entities here", she signed to me. Daemon Filly does not yet respect your "space", and as such, may bloody well walk into you to see what you are doing. The BWD's departed. Fast. "Been there done that", routine.

Sweet Pea - AKA Daemon filly
Sweet Pea

I cautioned Cissy about that 600 foot, hand held, auto-retractable, Blue Lunge line she got from the "Borg", that had Mishka attached to it. Cissy sluffed me off with some New York jargon relating to training LGD's. Daemon Filly advanced past me to Cissy. I emphasized the inherent safety defects in Borg training methods. To which I discovered I had been re-routed to a different topic.

Daemon Filly advanced rapidly from Cissy to Mishka. WHO HAD NEVER SEEN REAL HORSES. Up close. Filly, fully aware of canines and their intricacies, chinked left. Mishka, sensing 1000 pounds of curious beast closing on her tail, chinked right.

Did you take a Trig class in college. I did. Do I have to draw this out? There are three points in this triangle. We'll call it a thirty-Sixty-Ninety. OK? At the inverse Apex, is Cissy, she's the owner of the CO LGD, named Mishka. Mishka is wonderful. At the upper left is Sweet Pea. To the right is Mishka.

Now it WAS a straight line from Cissy to Mishka, out 600 feet on her Borg made lunge line, which is attached firmly (so New York crooks can't steal Borg technology for the Federation) to Cissy's arm. Her arm is attached (or was) to her main-frame.

Are you a pilot? Do I need to explain flight paths and such? Daemon Filly came from 4 O'clock, in a direction of 10 O'clock. She intersected a bearing directly from Cissy to Mishka ...yet kept going. UNTIL Filly discovered she was entangled by a giant serpent that was thrashing about her four feet. "What HO?" She asked. "What would Robert have me do in this situation?" she mused. "Ah, plainly ..ignore the problem, it won't hurt me. Continue after the dog". She did. Good Student Filly!

Mishka tried to circle back. So did Filly. This act caught another leg in the Borg-Line. This time frame is three to four seconds. The Borg-Line had obviously been foreshortened. Rapidly. So fast that the city lady decided to jump from her upright position into an earth horizontal one in midair. She managed a few feet of flight before succumbing to gravity and striking the ground from which she had started the voyage in otherwise clean yuppie clothing.

Meanwhile, Daemon Filly, sensing the serpent around her legs, now saw a flying Velopter approaching from her rear (Cissy). It seems Filly decided that no matter what her trainer told her, she was going to make a good escape. Fast. As she launched the escape, Filly noticed a third furry object being mysteriously attracted to her, seemingly connected to the Borg Blue serpent, also. This was too much for her.

I stopped watching for more training aspects for the Filly, long enough to observe a curious thing. My guest, that's Cissy from New York, was inspecting the pasture closely. Very closely. In fact, she was just starting to inspect a Percheron Draft Horse "pile" when I decided her science lesson was over for the afternoon. "Drop the lead line Cissy", I yelled to her. It had, you see, never occurred to me that she would ride a few hundred yards at high speed, on her face, all to save Borg technology. The light must have dawned on her that I had a splendid idea, for she risked prosecution by the Federation and did release the line. Daemon Filly was then free. Mishka returned as happy and good natured as ever. Cissy stopped the weird pasture inspection routine and stood up.

She started again to explain some training methods I needed to use on my Kuvs. Now then, Mishka is still on the Borg-Line. The line is being allowed by the Borg's to extend to full length again. Mishka had fun and was heading for Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea had fun and was still curious. So she executed a very smart 180 degree turn on her hind end and aimed for Mishka. Mishka's on the Borg-Line attached to Cissy.

Cissy is explaining how I can train my Kuvasok, Sweet Pea is just entering the "Zone". I am studying my training horse to see how she handles this next experiment. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to get rude. "Drop the GD leash!"

I know, I should seek counseling. Anyone want to come and visit?