Kuvasz: One - Predator: Zero

Robert Denlinger July 15, 2001
Hi -- been busy gentling some Mustangs in Oregon. Something, Mary tells me, has had Callisto and Badger upset for the past three nights. No contact though. Well, now that I'm home, I guess things can happen again.

Just a bit ago, it was , uh, like-dark-almost --almost. Well, Annabelle is back for her two-year-old-now training. She's in the breezeway braying at her childhood pal, Pegasus (same age and same size). Annabelle "will" be a Mammoth-Mule --she's white, sweet and cuddly --- but huge. Therefore, the horses were trying to see if "Dad" would let them in since "Mom" wouldn't will I was away. Sure, I'll do that. annie

So I see Badger - the GP who's now a muscle-man, overly-protective of HIS flock, and otherwise cuddly too - sprint out to mid-field, just past the flock I'm opening what's left of the 16 foot gate that both Cassie and Pegasus "test" from time to time, and I hear a series of barks from one dog - a dog that clearly does not belong on this farm. "Oh heck, what to do?".

I can't abandon the run in -- they'd tear the place apart fighting over the only TV Remote controller that's usually in Shaanav's stall . So I have to make sure they all go to their respective rooms AND avoid the Stallions stall midway on their journeys. That done, I run to the gate and look into the field.

The sheep are moving towards the gate I am at. Badger is scurrying about on their "other" side. I hear more of the other dog's more aggressive sounding barks. The sheep stragglers picked up their pace. Badger makes a run --- Then I see Badger back with his sheep --he's pacing to and fro so to speak -- but looking down-range.

"Aha!!", I see a Silver Bullet just streaking on what appears to be an intercept course!! Callisto is racing from mid-field in the direction of Ox-Trench. I guess if you don't own one, you just cannot imagine the speed my Kuvasz can attain in a half mile. I've seen the two GP's chase - just isn't the same. I've got my own Anti-Missile system here.

Then I heard a series of yelps. And it wasn't ---repeat --was NOT --- from Callisto!! So, I dunno -- she's back here on the deck and anxiously scanning the river predator access routes -- offering the occasional "Make My Day" barks. We have three ewes and some new lambs currently occupying the yard around the deck --sort of an "outing" for them -- overnight camping of sorts. I figure she was out with Badger making the "Dusk" patrol or whatever --when Badger signaled the alert.

From what I could see, Callisto just let Badger do his Flock-Thingy then, when the target was clear, sprinted to blindside the darned thing. And I'd just imagine it was surprised, just a wee bit - thought he'd been fended off by the big bruiser and that was that, when Badger returned to the flock. Well, guess again butthead, there is a section in the Kuvasz Manual pertaining to "Warp-Engine" engagement in the proximity of sheep flocks. Seems you have to wait a quarter-mile to avoid flock-meltdown from engine backscatter during initial transition to light speeds. Shucks, I'd read most of the chewed up pages and missed that part. I'll make a fly-by in the morning and see what's dead or if there is any sign of a fight. Guess I'll also count the sheep and lambs again