Kuv pup stares down Idiot Motorist

I've got a spare bedroom, it's nice, clean, and available to: Dedicated LGD trainers desiring to assist.

I was working on the hoof of Queeup, a true wild mustang, this noontime. I heard a horn honk and the sound of a vehicle slowing down. The slowing down happens often enough. People stare at the horses usually. But I had the horses in the barn, it was drizzling and expected to stop in a hour. Now the sheep, those yo-yos were out. And Capella, the 8 month old( I think) Kuvasz was amongst them. She went all on her own!

So, anyway, I tried to twist to the right, cagily holding the front leg of Queeup as I did. Queeup is one of my best friends. But, well, you know me, and he sometimes gets bored with me. So, any sudden downward thrust by him, would hurt my toes. I looked anyway.

I saw one of those newer pretend domestic sports cars, emergency lights flashing. Now the car, seen through the drizzle, was about 200 yards away, pointing towards the horse barn. Seemed to have two people in it. A guy, in a white shirt gets out and stands on the double line of the smallish two lane road. He begins to wave his arms at ......at what? Space? Trees? My open pastureland? He's shouting something. Rude shouting, by the tone of his voice. It's a valley, everything echoes here. What the heck is he shouting at?

Queeup was getting antsy. I placated him with an alfalfa cube. The sucker! Anyway, I walked out of the barn to get a better look at this vision.

White-Shirt is waving and S h o u t i n g attttttttttt ....----> CAPELLA ohhhhhNOOOOOOO !!! This IS going to be fun, I thought. Now, Capella was in the middle of the flock. This is the first human encounter I have seen her handle. She stares, from in the middle. He shouts and walks to the edge of the road, TOWARDS CAPELLA !! Capella, roars out of the flock, tailed curved and sprints while growling, to close the gap. She screeches to a bouncing/growling stop about 150 feet from White-Shirt. Then she lets him have the first REAL warning. It was really neat! She roared a very deep bark and subsequent growl. She bounced up and down off her front feet.

Now, White-Shirt begins yelling and waving again, but takes,( perhaps his last?), steps further forwards towards the fence. Capella, looked very pointedly back at the flock, who was now staring at her and ceased grazing. Then she sprinted forwards, growling.

White-Shirt turned towards the get away vehicle and stepped back, seemingly talking to other idiot. So Capella stopped again and just stared right straight at him. Now she was perhaps 400 feet from me. I was so impressed that I said, mostly to myself, "Good girl Pella sweetheart!". Heck, she turned towards me and wagged her tail. Good EARS!! Then she faced the guy off again.

He got in the car. Pella turned around and strides back to the flock. She turned around several times to check the threat. She went back in amongst the flock and they started to graze and walk in the general direction of the barn. Slowly.

Next, a total shock to my eyes, White-shirt's buddy, Dark-Shirt gets out. Seemed he had something in his hand. God, I strained and strained to see what the heck it was. Too small for a rifle. Pistol? Lap top computer? GPS system? I was about to turn to reach for a nifty hi powered rifle/scope I keep handy, when he too began to wave and shout!!! Now Pella was irate.

She spun out of the meandering flock, they cleared her path at light speeds. Bark/hop/growl sprint. "I thought I told you things I'd eat your innards for lunch!!!!". I'm sure she was saying that in Kuvaszese. Dark shirt seemed to make a hasty retreat to the white car. Pella waited a lot longer, then bounced back to the flock, seemingly quite pleased with her new found boldness.

So, White-Shirt powers White-Car ever so slowly down the road, this direction. What's he doing? Stalking?? Where's that dang rifle? I gave a sub audible "that'll do" whistle to the BC's, who instantly bounded over to me, expecting a great roundup of the straggling flock. BC's always look fierce, they make great partners to have help great White-Cars. (BUT now I have a Kuvasz)

White-Shirt rolls the window down. Clean shirt. Greased hair. Likely 45 and heavy set. Dark hair. Twangy voice. Used car salesman grin. "Hey, I was just trying to get that dawg away from thar".

Now, I suppose I don't come across as too well educated, nor out of the welfare bracket I'm in. I had chaps on, western boots, a black woolen watch cap pulled down to the tops of my eyes, trying to keep the drizzle out.

"Do you have any idea what kind of a dog that is?"

"Yep. Saw that dog out there, and the goose over there", he pointed to Donald (duck) Capella's BEST ever playmate .."and those sheeps over thar", he pointed to the pond. The ewes were now back at the barn, with Pella. Didn't know they were in the pond with the goose-duck too.

"Do you know that she is a Livestock Guardian Dog?" He's nodding. It's some motion described by one of the Kepplarian Orbital elements I'm certain. "Sir, do you know that if you had taken a step closer to that fence, she would have run through it and killed you? She's bred to guard this whole place and all the livestock"

"Yeah, that dog was out there, just thought I'd help ..." (No I don't need a previously owned ford GT) I snipped him for brevity, something I learned in the internet lists. "Hey, I would humbly suggest you do some research on Livestock Guardian Dogs. It may save your life next time you come past a farm with one."

OK, Capella at 8 months old might at least tear his fancy trousers, right? He was smiling a toothy smile while rolling up his power window, accelerating away. I turned and laughed. I really haven't had to opportunity to laugh very much on the farm in the past two years. But I really had a serious good laugh.

Queeup was impatiently digging through the breezeway floor to, Madagascar, if my memory serves me right. Capella was several notches higher in my humble esteem.