Livestock Guardian Dog Stories (Humorous)

Guardian Lambs

I think I have the kernal of a movie idea here...

A first time mother rejected one of her twin lambs (the ewe lamb, of
course). It was early, the weather was cold and wet. I tried and tried to
get the ewe to allow the lamb to nurse, but every time I'd come out there
would be the lamb, snuggled up to Drew, Mom and brother nowhere in sight.

Drew's lamb has now been weaned long enough that she doesn't run to me for
food any more, although she's friendlier than most of the lambs.

She does, however, think she's a dog. On a sunny afternoon the dogs will
be sacked out on the warm boards of the bridge; lambkins is lying between
the two. A rainy night, the dogs come trotting out of the shed, little
lamb right behind. She doesn't do so well with the fence checks, and I
had always assumed she stayed in the barn during night rounds. But no,
the other night I was walking out to see what the dogs were barking at,
and the little lamb came running up out of the darkness, slightly in front
of Drew. If I see her practicing chase and kill with Natasha, I'm going to get
worried. I just don't think she'd do well against a coyote - but then
there was Babe...

So Ben, you're a Hollywood type, think there's a film here? Babe the Pig
Herding The Guarding Lamb? Drew's lamb in the guardian dog trials?

Judy Gustafson

Easter Antics

NEWSFLASH: Vista Bulletin....Egg Theft: Rabbit Found Dead

Vista, Calif. The body of a cottontail rabbit was found under the Adams'
residence by a 2 1/2 year old boy the day before Easter. A witness said the
boy opened an access door to the crawlspace below the house to find the
body. Said Mother, Julie Adams "What a thing to find after you've spent
three days telling a child all about the Easter Bunny!"

The following morning five colored Easter eggs were discovered missing by
the residents after being hidden for the morning egg hunt. Additionally one
plastic egg was opened and the candy contents were missing and presumed
eaten. Luckily the parents of the boy were able to conceal the theft due to
the boy's lack of ability to count consistantly.

The suspect, an adult male Anatolian Shepherd Dog, was questioned by
investigators. His only statement was "Buuuurrpppp" accompanied by a
distinct sulferous odor prior to requesting an attorney. According to Julie
Adams "Those plastic eggs were hard to open, Jon can open others, but not
those [particular plastic eggs]." The investigation will be continued to
determine if eggshells will "present themselves" in incriminating places.
"The proof will be in the "pudding" so to speak" stated investigator Gerry
Adams. The suspect was not charged in the rabbit death, but investigators
are perplexed at the curious coincidences so close to Easter.

Julie Adams


>From the time Drache was a pup he "took" things. If he escaped from the
fenced yard, it was only to bring back a neighbor's boot or sock. He loved
to move hoses. He found hoses that we didn't even know we had, as they were
in some bushes behind the garage from the prior resident. He would gather
them all and put them near where he sleeps. One day we came home from work
and he must have had 6 or 7 hoses of all types piled up in a tangle. The
neighbor across the street even watched him sneak up and grab the end of
one of his hoses and take off running. Unfortunately for Drache it was
still attached to the spigot. Running at full puppy speed, he came to the
end and *shthwap!* he flipped right over. The neighbor said he hadn't
laughed that hard in a long time. We would constantly find muck boots and
planters, horse brushes and other things piled up in his yard. But luckily
he never was one to bury things. He has tried to take some of Jon's teddy
bears from time to time. He liked them so much I have bought him his own
dog teddy bears at the pet store. While Kirshe will rip a little hole and
pull the stuffing out of them and fling the fuzzy rag parts around, Drache
will hold it and lick it.

In the last month it has finally dawned on him that the house is a great
source of "treasures". A few weeks ago, while I was setting in the
vegetable garden, I noticed both dogs laying near the shed. Kirshe was
looking up at me with excited glee, "the cat that ate the canary" look on
her face. I called them both and they didn't budge. So I meandered over to
find Drache cuddled up with one of Jon's best teddy bears, a bit damp, but
none the worse for wear. He looked so sad when I took it back. It turns out
that I had left the screen door open a crack and Jon had widened it, just
enough for Drache to sneak inside.

Yesterday I caught him several times with various of Jon's fuzzy toys,
either out the door or almost there. He particularly liked a tiny brown
dinosaur that someone gave Jon for easter. Kirshe is someone of a toy thief
too. She found a little bear in the morning and ran tearing around the
house with it. Jon thinks this is hilarious. Especially if its with a toy
he doesn't really like all that much. He even gave her his precious
"Beetee" blanket to tear about with once. Kirsche liked the dinosaur too.
It is nice and brown and rat sized. She also "found" it on the living room
floor and took it after I had put it back from Drache's thievery. But
instead of licking, hugging and cuddling it like he did, she tossed it up
in the air and pounced on it like a cat. Kirsche is our "gopher dog" and I
have picked up bits of at least 5 gophers since last weekend. The funny
thing is that I haven't even found their hole.

Drache managed to find a pink stuffed pig and haul it outside. It was hard
to sneak out though as it is about the size of his head. Jon actually likes
that one, so I flew out the door before he could get it too slobbery. Now
that Jon has watched "Babe" at least 20 times, he suddenly likes pigs much
better. I caught Drache at least 3 other times yesterday rooting around
Jon's toy stashes, but was able to shoo him away before the deed was done.

Both the dogs have plenty other toys, but after the third time I found him
looking for more, I broke down and gave Drache the stuffed dinosaur, which
both dogs promptly ignored. *sigh* Whats a mother to do? I think Drache
needs a bummer lamb or two of his very own....he and Drew would probably
get along well.

Hopefully no rabbits are reading this as it may be rather incriminating
character evidence in the Easter egg thefts....

Julie Adams

Another spring day

I decided to take advantage of the dry before the rain to do my annual
Spring Tree Reclamation Project - claiming back my young cedars from the
blackberries (Washington - Spiritual Home of the Himalayan Blackberry).
I'd have my goats help out, but these berries are companion planted with
deadly Nightshade (they do very well together). This awful job is made
slightly harder (is that possible?) by the presence of canary grass,
which at it's early spring 3' height hides many of the new berry vines.
Anyway, while I was out there chopping, trying to keep moving enough to
not get overgrown myself, I discovered where my hen Turkey has
disappeared to. Looks like I'll have baby gobblers in a few weeks.
She's been out of sight about a week; the cock has been getting stuck out
in the ram field, where he paces back and forth along the fence, trying
to get back up by the house. So how does he get out there? I usually
herd him back, but if I don't he seems to manage on his own eventually.

My dogs are now slightly more yellow than white. I'm hoping they last
until the weekend, when I'll have time to work at a solution. I'm going
to try Mane N Tale, to see if its magical properties extend to Cottonwood

What I didn't come across in the briars were the cottontails who usually
reside there. I guess they heard about an upcoming trial in California,
and felt they needed to go and present the rabbit point of view. Some
big dog down there is in a heap of trouble...

Judy Gustafson

Re: Kleptomania

Drew only collects lambs :). Natasha, on the other hand, finds all sorts
of wonderful things, and hauls them around. She dug a traffic cone out
of one of the ponds (!), and spent months hauling it around. I'd come
home to find it sitting in the middle of the bridge; I think she was
trying to direct traffic. If she's in the house, she will scout around
for any underwear I may have left within her reach. At least now that
she's grown up a bit she doesn't chew them up, only hauls them around.

I spent 3 hours yesterday brushing the Pyrs. One sore arm later, it is
hardly a visible change in the dogs' appearance. Drew likes to
appropriate most of the grooming time. Natasha thinks that's fine -
she's sure I'm going to do something awful to her. Drew did retreat when
he saw the Mane 'N Tail bottle come out - I think he believed it to be
ear cleaner. Took some convincing to get him back. Even though Natasha
didn't want to be brushed, she hauled some clothes around just to let me
know she doesn't like Drew getting all the attention.

There are days when I wish these two were short-haired Anatolians. The
urge to shave them gurgles up occasionally; good thing there is a sheep
show coming up to keep me honest. After a week of basically nice, dry
weather it cooled right down and poured. Both dogs now have ringlets of
mud all over their bellies again. *sigh*.

Judy Gustafson

Re: Kleptomania

Okay, okay -- as to kleptomania, Ilka suffers heavily. She'll steal anything
she can find. She's so indiscriminate about what she steals that it's hardly
worth mentioning, suffice to say she's got a bad case.

Tovarisch, OTOH, is very disciminating in his tastes and seams to have only
one thing that really incites the urge to steal, and that is a baseball cap.
Oh, Ilka takes them, too, of course, but she's interested only in the ones
that are lying around the house.

Tovarisch's interest is in caps that are perched on top of people's heads.
And believe me, nothing scares the $#*&^(@# out of a stranger more than
Tovarisch making a quick, furtive grab for the brim of a cap on their head!
Whenever I see that gleam in his eye I warn anyone nearby not to lean over
if they're wearing a cap!

Ben Levy - Los Angeles

Avon's "Skin-so-Soft"
What's the "BIG" deal???

Well, I told Gabriel that I was going to get rid of all those nasty flies and knats for him. At first he thought, this is great, I get to hang around Cheryl and wander off into the mosquitoe infested creek, splash around in the mud and carry around dead things for a while!!! :-) happened......What is that?.......OH's that thing she sprays the goats with. Wait a minute.......she's coming this way.......I gotta get outta here!!!!

I really don't know what was running through his mind. The spray bottle I use on the goats is just a little bottle, nothing special about it, it doesn't even make any noise. What the heck is up with him??

Maybe if I stand really still in this corner of the barn, she'll never even see me..............NOPE, it's not going to work!!! As my last resort, I'll just run right at her and knock her down so that I can get by her and out of the barn. *SPLAT* *WHOOSH* *CRASH* *MEEEOOOOWWW* Sorry about that, but NO WAY is she going to attack me with that spray thingy!!!

GABRIEL!, GET BACK HERE!!....Oh man......that dang dog!!! If I ever catch that sucker he's gonna wish he'd never met me!!!! GET BACK HERE!!!......GABRIEL, COME..

If I just stay out of reach, she won't get so mad. I mean, it's not like I'm running down the road a mile and a half like I did yesterday, I'm right here! She can see me!!

COME.....COME......Gaaabrieeeel....come here boy.....come on Gaaabrieeel...... ....come here.....Please come here Gabriel.......Good boy Gabriel.....come here big boy.....

Hmmmm.....sounds like I might get a big hug outta this, maybe if I just move a little closer.

Good Boy Buddy......Good boy!!!

Oh Yea.....I'm gonna get a hug.....kisses and hugs, I live for those...could I have one more hug please? ...Thanks!....OH MY GOD.....SHE GOT MY COLLAR!!!! WAIT!!! THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!! WAIT!!! WAIT!!!!

>O.K. guy, all done....Good boy!!

I don't like it!, I don't like it!, I don't like it!! You don't play fair at all!! You tricked me! Maybe that spray thingy isn't all that bad, but Istill don't like it! That stuff even makes me smell nice. I don't want to smell nice, I like the wet dog smell, it's the in thing!!

Good Boy Gabriel!!! (man what a chore!!)
Cheryl Todd - Husker*Haven Nubians

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